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Sports and School Physicals

Child Physicals

We offer both sports and school physicals for patients of all ages. These physicals are quick and available for same day appointments. We will fill out the necessary forms while you are in the exam room. If not covered by insurance, we offer these physicals at a low cost.

School Physicals

School physicals can be done yearly and is usually a quick process. School physicals are a way to ensure your child's overall health and development is where it needs to be. This can also be a great time to ask questions and discuss concerns about your child. Depending on the age, your school may also require immunizations to start the school year.

Sports Physicals

While school physicals are done to check the overall health of a child, a sports physicals is completed to determine a child's physical eligibility to play certain sports. While not all sports are very physical, your child will need approval depending on what the school requires. Determining if a child is safe to play a specific sport can help remove the risk of a serious injury that could have been prevented.

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